6 Things to Check When Choosing Mobile Detailing

Are you too busy to take your car to the garage? Mobile detailing takes your worries away! With mobile detailing, we come to you so you can go about your day while we take care of your automobile. We perform anything from a fast exterior wash to a complete detail. But we need to take some notes before opting for the right mobile detailing service for your vehicle! Let’s find out more with The Detail Dude!

6 Things to Check When Choosing Mobile Detailing at the detail dude in rochester ny

What are the potential advantages of mobile detailing?


Many mobile detailers will come to your home, workplace, garage, or other designated location to detail your car. You will save time waiting in a lobby or taking time off work to get your vehicle detailed.

Cost effective

Mobile car detailing services are often cheaper than car detailing services conducted at a bricks and mortar detailing business. Your mobile detailer does not have as many overhead fees and provides a fixed quote before commencing the operation.

Customized Services

The bulk of mobile vehicle detailing firms offer personalized services. While there are pre set services, automobile owners may personalize them to ensure they are satisfied and get the most bang for their dollars.

What do we need to consider when choosing mobile detailing?

Do Some Research

To pick a mobile detailer, you need to research top mobile detailers around you in your local area. Most automobile owners don’t have time to attend a car detailing service, so this will come in handy. Finding a skilled mobile detailer can help you safeguard your investment and save time.


A professional mobile detailer should utilize high-quality auto care materials when working on your vehicle. It’s a good idea to ask your mobile detailer to show you their goods and give you a quick overview of the phases involved in detailing.

Customer Feedback

It is beneficial to explore online and read mobile detailers’ reviews to learn more about a business or detailer. You can learn more about client mobile detailing reviews by speaking with a few acquaintances who have already had their cars detailed. This can be helpful, but it also assists you in deciding on a mobile detailer.


When selecting a mobile detailer, the cost is a significant consideration. Cost can assist you in making the best investment decision.


Professional mobile detailers should understand which products to use and how to apply them to specific vehicles. When hiring mobile detailers, always ask them to show you their goods or give you a hint about what items they use.

Schedule your time

Knowing the time commitment needed for the task will be beneficial when selecting a mobile detailer. Most mobile detailers can complete your job in a matter of hours.

Where can I find superb mobile detailing in Rochester, NY?

Car detailing is the most fantastic method to keep your car looking new for years. Our services allow you always to feel like you’re driving a new automobile. The following is a list of interior and exterior vehicle detailing services at The Detail Dude in Rochester, NY.

the detail dude in rochester ny is where you can find best mobile detailing service

Interior Touch up

The ideal solution for fast touch up maintenance in between more thorough cleanings. At least twice a year is recommended.

  • Thorough vacuuming 
  • Wiping down door jambs 
  • Cleaning and conditioning leather interiors 
  • Cleaning inside glass and windows
  • Cleaning and dusting all plastic panels

Interior Deep Clean

This service is needed when you have outgrown the necessity for basic cleaning. Deep cleaning involves carpet extraction, cloth seat extraction, and thoroughly washing and dressing all surfaces.

  • Extensive vacuuming
  • Wiping down door jambs 
  • Cleaning all plastic panels (door panels, dashboard, and center console) 
  • Steam cleaning and washing carpet and fabric surfaces as needed (seats, carpets, and headliner)
  • Cleaning interior windows and glass

Premium Hand Wash and Interior

The best solution for individuals who enjoy keeping up appearances. With this combo option, you can have both treatments in one and keep your vehicle looking great on the inside and exterior.

  • Pre wash rinse to remove loose debris and prevent micro scratches 
  • Hand wash and dry 
  • Clean wheels, tires, fenders, and gas cap
  • Clean the entrance jambs 
  • Clean the external glass and windows
  • Vacuum thoroughly 
  • Wipe down door jambs 
  • Clean inside glass and windows 
  • Wipe down dust from all surfaces

The Detail Dude in Rochester, NY, provides the most trustworthy and professional mobile detailing in town! We ensure that car owners will receive 100 percent satisfaction with a quality service! Call us at (585) 405-2611 to schedule an appointment! We are ready to assist you!