Can You Wash A Ceramic Coated Car?

Your car has a ceramic coating. But, maybe your car has started to collect dust and is gradually becoming dirtier. You want to wash your car, but don’t know how to wash it properly. Possibly you are afraid that washing your car the wrong way will affect the quality of the newly coated ceramic layer? You should read through this article with The Detail Dude to find out exactly how to wash a ceramic coated car.

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How do you wash your car after getting a ceramic coating?

Wash the car in the shade, in a cool place.

When washing your car, you should do so when the sun isn’t shining. The best time to wash and dry your vehicle is on a cloudy day, early morning, or in a shaded area. This is because sunshine quickly dries soap on top of the coating, causing water stains and streaks.

Use neutral pH soaps.

When washing a ceramic-coated vehicle, you should use pH-neutral car wash soap. Avoid harsh chemicals or wax cleaners on your ceramic finish since they can damage it. Always defer to using a pH-neutral car shampoo that contains no added wax. The wax could create a residue on top of the coating, reducing its hydrophobic characteristics and causing additional debris to attach to it, making it dirtier.

Do not wash your car within the first week after getting a ceramic coating.

Not washing the car within the first seven days after applying a ceramic coating is essential. Because after getting a ceramic coating, the ceramic layer takes time to cure fully. The bond between the ceramic layer and the painted surface will be stronger. That will help optimize the effect of the ceramic layer more.

Use the “2 buckets” method.

The “2 buckets” method is the most popular and effective car wash method in the car detailing industry. Because of the ability to clean and avoid cross-contamination, your car will be cleaned in the safest and best way after getting a ceramic coating.

Use separate tools to wash wheels and tires.

For low-lying parts such as wheels or tires, you should use separate tools to wash them. It will help you limit the transfer of stains from one place to another on the car’s surface. From there, the ceramic coating on your car will be cleaned most securely without any scratches.

How often should you wash a ceramic coated car?

After getting a ceramic coating, many people think that you will never need to rewash your car. However, even if you limit your car travel or park it in a garage, it will still collect dust over time. Therefore, according to detailing experts, it is recommended that you wash your car regularly after getting a ceramic coating to maintain the appearance and longevity of the ceramic coating. You should wash your car every 1-2 weeks after getting a ceramic coating.

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What happens if you do not regularly wash your car?

After getting a ceramic coating, if you do not wash your car regularly, the ceramic layer of your car will suffer a lot of damage.

Firstly, your ceramic layer will gradually become dusty if not cleaned properly, losing the original luster and shine of the ceramic layer.

Second, the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic layer will also be drastically reduced. The ceramic layer on your car will no longer be as resistant to water as it was. This can dramatically affect the car’s paint when faced with toxic non chemical substances such as water, acid rain, etc.

Next, the lifespan of the ceramic layer will be shortened rapidly. You will have to continue spending a lot of money to remove the old ceramic layer and install a new layer of ceramic even though the ceramic coating lasts up to several years.

Finally, the value of your car will decrease over time if it is not correctly maintained. In the future, if you intend to resell your car, getting you a fair price will also be challenging.

Where can you find a good ceramic coating service in Rochester?

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