Tips To Maintain Ceramic Coating In Pristine Condition

Cars are a significant investment, and it is essential to keep them in excellent condition. Your vehicle will begin to exhibit signs of wear and tear over time. Ceramic coating will protect your vehicle from harsh weather! Like any other protective coating, ceramic coating also needs to be properly maintained. 

Tips To Maintain Ceramic Coating In Pristine Condition at the detail dude in rochester ny

What should we do to maintain ceramic coating for the car’s paint?

The Detail Dude offers various ideas for extending the life of your ceramic coating. Here are three tips to keep your coating in the best condition.

Washing your automobile every two weeks

If you have ceramic coated your automobile, you should wash it every two weeks. It will help eliminate any pollutants that the ceramic coating‘s hydrophobic properties do not remove, and prevent water stains from forming.

Cleaning your automobile by using the ‘Two Bucket Car Wash Method’

You are polluting your auto shampoo if you do not employ the two bucket hand cleaning approach. Washing a car using two buckets has been proven to reduce swirl marks and produce excellent hand wash results. When cleaning a car with two buckets, always start at the top and work your way down, rinsing each panel. It will prevent the spread of heavy pollutants and restrict the production of water stains.

You should never wash your car in the sun.

Hard water stains and dried soap residue are more likely to appear while washing a car in direct sunlight. Clean your vehicle beneath a covered structure or in a heavily shaded outdoor place to guarantee that your efforts are rewarded, and water stains do not appear.

If neither of these options are available, wash the automobile early in the morning or late at night.

What are the benefits of ceramic coating when we keep it in pristine condition?

Ceramic coatings are an excellent way to enhance the shine and luster of your automobile. Here are three benefits of using ceramic coating.

black sport car highway drive sunset after getting ceramic coating at the detail dude in rochester ny

Prevent UV Rays

Ceramic coating for automobiles is a suitable method for protecting your vehicle’s paint surface from the sun. This invisible shield protects the clear coat from cracking, fading, and peeling by acting as a protective barrier that prevents harmful UV rays from damaging it!

Eliminate the contaminants

Ceramic coating will remove bird droppings, tree sap, and other substances. Mud bakes into the paint when exposed to direct sunlight for an extended time! Ceramic coatings are a superb option since they stick to the surface during installation, producing an invisible protective barrier for your paintwork. 

Hydrophobic Properties

Water repellent ceramic coatings are the most effective. Ceramic coatings are more durable, robust, and have hydrophobic properties! This means, when water touches these surfaces, it condenses into beads, and the coating is so resistant that small balls of water roll directly off the car, gathering dirt as they go. Ceramic coating guarantees that the paint on your vehicle is cleaned every time it rains.

What is your suggested maintenance plan for ceramic coating?

We recommend that the car be adequately decontaminated every 12 months by removing road tar, iron, tree sap, and industrial fallout deposits. Following that, a SIO2 sealer will be used to revitalize the ceramic coating and improve its hydrophobic qualities.

Can you apply ceramic coating over car wax?

No. Because of the chemical composition of ceramic coating, it must be applied directly to the clearcoat of the paintwork. To guarantee optimal adherence, the surface must be decontaminated with a clay bar, iron remover, and finally, a degreasing agent or isopropyl alcohol to remove any oils from the surface to be effectively coated.

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