What Does Paint Correction Do?

Over time, your car faces scratches and scrapes if not cared for properly. Now, you want to do something to remove those scratches and to bring your car back to the original state you bought it in. It’s time to learn more about paint correction. Let The Detail Dude help you to understand more about paint correction in this article.

What Does Paint Correction Do at the detail dude in rochester ny

When does your car need a paint correction service?

Paint correction is a process that focuses on removing imperfections on the vehicle’s paint surface, such as minor scratches and swirls, etc. This is primarily done through professional polishing processes using some specialized compounds. It is intended to return your vehicle to the original state, making it look like a new car.

Therefore, you can correct the paint on your car immediately if your car has too many scratches and no longer shines like new. If no paint correction is performed to correct such defects, your vehicle may lose its aesthetic appeal, and its original paintwork may gradually wear down.

The importance of paint correction for your car

Paint correction brings us many great benefits, which few people know. Here are some of the many benefits of paint correction.

Eliminate defects

Paint correction can help you deal with scratches, light scratches, and swirl marks on your car’s paint surface quickly with the help of special compounds. It gives you a painted surface which is the same as the day you first bought the car!

Improved appearance

In addition to the ability to correct the above defects, paint correction can also improve the appearance of your vehicle by adding shine to the paint. Through the primary polishing process, your car will have a splendid appearance. It will resemble a moving mirror in the sunlight.

Increase the life of the paintwork

Thanks to the professional and meticulous restoration of paint correction, your original paint will last even longer. Paint correction can help keep your car’s paintwork in the same condition as when you first drove it out of the dealership. 

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How many stages of paint correction are there for a car?

In general, paint correction will usually have three stages.

Stage 1: Detailers will usually deal with the most severe scratches at this stage. Those defects will be professionally abraded. The level of repair can be as low as 50%.

Stage 2: The level of repair for this stage can be up to 85%. It is intended to address minor imperfections on the vehicle’s painted surface.

Stage 3: 95-99% for repairability at this stage. At this stage, most of the scratches have been repaired. Plus, detailers will need a few more professional steps to give you a complete, like new finish.

How long does paint correction take?

How much time it takes to complete paint correction for your vehicle depends on many different factors. Here are two typical factors that can determine how long it will take.

  • Vehicle condition: paint correction for a car with too many defects and scratches, of course, will take longer than a car which is in good condition. If your vehicle is in an awful condition, it may take several days to complete the paint correction.
  • Service packages at the center: depending on the center you use, they will have many different service packages to give customers more choice. Therefore, you need to consider and refer to these before performing paint correction for your car.

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