What Does Paint Correction Entail?

Paint correction is inherently a complex process. It requires a lot of expertise, special equipment and high-end polishes. In this article, The Detail Dude will explain exactly what paint correction entails and what the benefits are for car owners.

polishing is in paint correction process at the detail dude in rochester ny

Paint Correction: What steps does it include?

Paint correction might sound simple, but in fact this is not the case. Paint correction includes many different processes that must be done in stages by fully trained car detailing professionals.

100% Hand Car Wash

During this process, the entire vehicle’s exterior is washed by hand. With the help of specialized car wash products and tools such as pH neutral soap and a clean wash mitt, we can easily remove dirt from the car.

Paint Decontamination

Painted surfaces on your car will be perfectly smooth and clean. Chemical decontamination follows mechanical decontamination using clay bars with iron removers.

Cutting With A Machine 

This stage will help remove scratches, swirl marks, and small and medium defects on the paint surface with specialized machines. However, it also leaves behind more minor flaws and requires refining. So we need the last step, which is polishing. 


In the last step, we perfect the paint surface and increase the gloss of the car’s exterior, by using high quality polish. With bespoke compounds and specialized polish machines, the polishing stage will optimize your car’s paint perfectly for smoothness and shine.

Why should you consider paint correction for your car?

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Reduce scratches.

Over time, water, chemicals, dirt, and pollutants damage the paintwork of your vehicle. Oxidation and rust, among other expensive problems, could emerge over time. Paint correction serves as a way to reduce these negative environmental effects on your car.

Make the car sparkle.

The paint will recover its shiny, fresh appearance after polishing. It will appear that your vehicle is newer, younger, brighter, and more vibrant than before.

Increase the value of your car

Defective car paint detracts from the vehicle’s appearance and, more importantly, reduces its value. When you have your vehicle painted, it is like putting on a new coat; it has a shiny appearance, and fresh paint raises the car’s market value.


Paint correction can also make you feel more confident and proud when driving your car with a perfect look yourself. It’s exciting when your car shines and stands out among the thousands of vehicles on the road.

Some tips for maintaining the paint surfaces after paint correction?

After paint correction, if not cared for and preserved carefully, you will have to spend money the next time to detail the car. Here are a few tips that can help maintain the cleanliness and shine of the car’s paint surface after paint correction

  • Wash your car regularly.
  • Use only light, non-abrasive soaps which have pH neutral, minimum or medium.
  • Do not use tools that are rough to avoid leaving minor scratches and swirls on the paint surface.
  • Use microfiber cloths, limiting scratches to the car’s surface while drying.
cleaning the window softly by hand is in paint correction process at the detail dude in rochester ny

Is paint correction worth it?

Suppose you are a lover of perfection and gloss, it will never be a waste of money if you do a paint correction for your car! It is an intelligent investment for your property if, in the future, you intend to resell your car at a reasonable price.

One of the most crucial services we provide at The Detail Dude is paint correction. Our professionals employ cutting-edge technology and procedures to fix any paint flaws on your vehicle. We want to ensure that your automobile looks great and retains its worth at 50 Fleming Creek Circle, Rochester, NY. To arrange an appointment for paint correction, please visit our website or call (585) 405-2611.