What If It Rains After Getting A Ceramic Coating?

Before having your car ceramic coated, one of the most common questions that people ask is ‘what happens if it rains?’. Is it safe to drive your vehicle in the rain after just getting your ceramic coating? Will the coating cure properly if it gets wet? The Detail Dude in Rochester, NY, will elaborate on what occurs if it rains after a ceramic coating has been applied. Read on to learn more!

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After Getting A Ceramic Coating, Is It Possible To Drive In The Rain?

Depending on the amount of rain, the ceramic coating may be entirely or partially removed by exposure to rain after application. If there is a significant quantity of precipitation, the ceramic coating may be destroyed and need to be replaced. 

Regardless of whether the water is rainwater or tap water, both contaminants will disrupt the cross link bonds before their completion. In many circumstances, this might result in the coating being destroyed. Consequently, washing vehicles or driving in the rain during the first week after the application is not advised.

Does Ceramic Coating Take Much Time To Cure?

The curing period is two to three weeks depending on environmental conditions like humidity and temperature. Use caution within the specified time. The coating is hydrophobic, so it may help avoid water stains on your clear finish. The coating is less prone to etching than the factory clear coat, but it is particularly susceptible to water spots during curing which may be expensive to remove.

During drying, avoid parking under trees, especially if they are dropping leaves. Secondly, we should try to avoid bird droppings, tree sap, or environmental factors. Finally, we should avoid abrading or washing the paint during the curing time.

Immediately remove any wet spots, bird droppings, insects, tree sap, or other impurities from your vehicle during the first two weeks by following our care guidelines. Remember that the covering is still soft. 

How Soon After Getting A Ceramic Coating May The Surface Get Wet?

A new coating requires about one week of curing time to attain its maximum protective capacity. During the curing process, a link is created between a transparent coat and the coating, which results in them fusing together and forming a bond.

What Is The Best Temperature For Applying Ceramic Coating?

Most ceramic coatings must be applied between 10°C and 25°C (50°F and 77°F), with 20°C (68°F) being the best application temperature for the majority of coatings. The automobile should avoid direct sunlight to prevent the panels from overheating. If the temperature is too low, the coating might fail to cure.

Different coatings are intended to function in various environments. Some coatings work well at lower temperatures, while others must be applied at higher temperatures to achieve good adhesion and curing. So, when we apply a ceramic coating, you should always ensure that the vehicle is out of direct sunlight so that the panels do not get too hot.

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Tips To Maintain Ceramic Coating.

Applying a protective coating to a vehicle does not render it contaminant proof and mean there’s no need to wash it! However, it will need less frequent washing than when it had merely the factory clear finish. Consider the following guidelines while cleaning an automobile with a ceramic coating:

Every two to four weeks, wash your automobile.

As you drive your car with a ceramic coating, its hydrophobicity prevents most water based filth and smudges from adhering to its surface. Without frequent cleaning, these substances erode the ceramic covering, causing it to lose its hydrophobic properties over time.

Avoid washing your vehicle in direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight generates heat, which eventually causes your ceramic covering to break. Protect the car’s surface by washing it before sunrise, in the shade, or in the garage.

Clean your car with the two bucket method.

The two bucket approach is the most effective way to avoid swirl marks caused by dirt and stones. This technique utilizes two buckets, one for washing and the other for rinsing.

Wash the vehicle from top to bottom, section by section.

Your vehicle should be cleaned from the top down, section by section. To prevent cross contamination, use a wash mitt soaked in the washing solution and clean each component individually. Rinse the mitt after washing each region and then clean the next section.

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