What Supplies Do You Need To Detail The Exterior Of A Car?

Road dust, water spots, bird droppings, and other contaminants, can gradually degrade the aesthetics of your car’s exterior. The gloss of the car will also gradually disappear over time. So, maybe you want to detail the exterior of your car but don’t know much about the process? In this article, The Detail Dude will bring you some information about exterior detailing, focusing on the supplies and tools required for the process. 

What Supplies Do You Need To Detail The Exterior Of A Car at the detail dude in rochester ny

Is exterior detailing necessary for your car?

After reading the following benefits of exterior detailing, you will have an answer for yourself about whether exterior detailing is essential or not. Perhaps you will not need to think much more, and you will immediately bring your car to the center for a detailing service!

Deep cleaning

Your car’s exterior will be cleaned from the smallest to the largest detail with professional methods and high grade products. We cannot do without the support of high quality products. In addition, special compounds with cleaning properties are required for removing each type of dirt that clings to the car’s exterior. It helps us easily remove dirt without leaving any harmful effects on the original paint.

A new “skin”

After being detailed, your exterior will resemble a new “skin” with its shine because of the careful polishing process. With its shiny, polished finish, you’ll feel like you just bought this car for the first time!

Decrease the oxidation

If you really care about your car, regularly detailing its exterior parts can limit oxidation and corrosion in the everyday environment. Most parts of the car’s exterior are made of metal. With regular exterior detailing, the lifespan of the exterior will also be increased.

A wise investment

Regularly detailing the car’s exterior is a 100% smart investment if you intend to resell your car in the future. It is easier to get a strong resale price if your car has a sparkling look. If the exterior is always shiny and looks like new, this can help you negotiate at least 60-70% of the resale price.

soapy water always Need To Detail The Exterior Of A Car at the detail dude in rochester ny

Some essential tools for exterior detailing

Here are a few tools needed for exterior detailing. Besides using these tools to complete the exterior detailing process in the most effective way, detailers cannot lack the support of specialized chemical solutions. These special chemicals with cleaning properties are suitable for each exterior part and are required for different types of dirt on the car paint’s surface, such as road dust, iron dust, asphalt, etc.


Buckets are an indispensable tool for exterior detailing. You will see their importance in the “2 bucket” car wash method. It helps you easily carry out a high quality car wash process, quickly removing dirt.

Hand mitts

Hand mitts are an essential tool required for the car detailing process. They are made of microfibers which are super soft, and superfine. This helps to avoid minor scratches, and swirl marks during the washing process. 

Detail brushes

Because the car’s exterior has many parts of different sizes, brushes of many different sizes are also required. It makes cleaning the car easier and more thorough. The large brushes will help us save time cleaning. The small ones will help us quickly work in hard to reach places.

Polishing machine and pads

The polishing machine is the primary tool in your car’s exterior polishing process. In addition, we also cannot ignore the specialized pads used in the polishing process. Because the car’s exterior has many large and small positions, the pads also come in different sizes, suitable for each location that needs polishing. This is intended to increase the efficiency of creating a genuinely sparkling car.

Microfiber cloths

To dry the exterior, we cannot forget proper microfiber cloths. These are made from microfiber fabric which is soft, smooth, and highly absorbent. It leaves fewer scratches while detailing the exterior of your car. Microfiber cloths are one of the best choices for auto detailing.

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