Why Is Ceramic Coating Used On Cars?

The Detail Dude in Rochester, NY, specializes in ceramic coating. Ceramic coating adheres to your vehicle’s paint and is a procedure that permanently adds a layer of protection to your car. Our ceramic coatings are long-lasting and keep your automobile looking fresh for many years. In this article, the Detail Dude will show you some advantages of applying ceramic coating to your car!

close up applying protective nanoceramics car on the surface at the detail dude in rochester ny

Top 5 Reasons For Installing Ceramic Coating on Cars

Ceramic coating protects the outside of your vehicle and keeps it looking like new with minimum care. Ceramic coating makes your car more durable and more straightforward to clean. Some of the key benefits are as follows:

Keep your paintwork looking good.

When you drive your car, you expose the paint to different contaminants that might ruin the shine. Ceramic coating forms a long-lasting protective coating on your vehicle’s body, keeping foreign particles from causing harm. It can withstand much punishment without causing any visible damage to your car. Ceramic coating shields your vehicle from harmful UV radiation that might cause oxidation.

Give a high gloss finish.

Ceramic Coating will give your vehicle a rich, glossy sheen, bringing out the best in the original paintwork.

Maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle

Ceramic coating sticks to your car’s paintwork and repels water. All water based filth will bead on the surface before slipping off. After a quick jet wash and snow foam, you’ll have a clean, sparkling automobile.

a man polishing a red car for ceramic coating process at the detail dude in rochester ny

Saves you money.

One of the most advantageous characteristics of ceramic coating is that it will actually save you money in the long run! You’ll need to spend less money on fixing scratches and swirls on your car when you have ceramic coating installed. Depending on the ceramic coating you choose, it can be a permanent solution to protect your car.

Life Expectancy of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating remains effective for two to five years if properly maintained and cared for. A lifetime guarantee is sometimes included with expert ceramic coatings.

Several aspects influence how long ceramic coating lasts on your vehicle, these include:

  • The quality of the coating and prep work before an application is critical to achieving a good finish and long lifespan. 
  • It is essential to travel on roads that will not cause too much damage to your vehicle. For drivers, avoiding tar spots or potholes and remaining vigilant are important considerations!
  • How frequently the automobile is maintained and cleaned, as well as what tools are utilized to keep it looking in shape, are also important. 

Ceramic Coating At The Detail Dude Rochester, NY.

Ceramic coating at The Detail Dude consists of multiple steps that give car owners the best result!

  • Use a pH neutral soap, a clean wash mitt, and a safe towel to dry.
  • The paint is mechanically decontaminated with clay bars before being chemically decontaminated with iron removers.
  • We get your automobile’s paint as close to flawless as possible!
  • We use an alcohol-based cleaning solution to provide a good surface for the coating to bind to. 
  • We apply the coating panel by panel with an applicator and special soft cloths to avoid additional damage.
close up person cleaning car exterior for ceramic coating service at the detail dude in rochester ny

What if it rains after the ceramic coating is applied?

The contaminants in rain and tap water will disrupt the cross-links before they fully develop. In many cases, this might result in the coating breaking down prematurely. As a result, car washes and driving in the rain are not advised during the first week following application of ceramic coating. 

Is it necessary to maintain ceramic coating?

You must keep your ceramic coating in good condition by cleaning the car regularly. Neglecting maintenance will result in the coating’s hydrophobic characteristics failing prematurely. One of the significant advantages of having a ceramic coating on your car is that the cleaning procedure is considerably easier and faster than without having a ceramic coating on your car.

If you want to preserve the paint on your automobile from the weather and the environment, look no further than ceramic coating from The Detail Dude in Rochester, NY. Our experienced crew will apply a layer of protection that will keep your automobile looking new for years to come. Visit our shop today and inquire about our ceramic coating services. You will not be dissatisfied! Make contact with us at (585) 405-2611!